Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Other Side

The expectations of this are to write three-hundred words a real bother if you ask me.
The topic which I write about will be the other side. Paranormal activity is at its highest level of working
since the war between the rebels and the council of 1812.

Really people today don't realize the danger around them because the hunters are protecting them.
Hunters are those who work in the shadows, to keep the creatures from causing an in balance in the world’s regular flow of events.

It is funny to find myself on that edge of the dividing line the world on the brink of finding out what is to be told as imaginary things. I tell you this though that the things that go bump in the night are not your imagination they are others reaching out to you to contact you. You thing that those stories of vampires and witches are not real , but in a way people are exploring more and more to find out the truth. I have set up this blog in orders from a teacher as an assignment, but I use it to send a message to all you who know what are out there.

A message also to those who do not know, who need to know what is all around you.

I will continue to update this as much as possible, but I do not expect anyone to read this not at all.
I have other ways to spread my word across and others far more effective then this.
The key to all this is find those who will read and listen to those who see what I see, who feel as I feel, and would seek as I seek I ask you to stand beside me and help spread our word help the world out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And.. So Our Story Begins

Here we are in this lovely theater our show shall soon begin.
The one running the show is one know as The Puppet Master.
Some information about this mysterious man is that some day that title will be know,and the name Puppet Master will appear all over.